Sunday breakfast and Lunch

and the winner of the most uninventive blog post title goes to… Me.

Multumesc multumesc.
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Or should I say… Sorry, Sorry?

Sunday is always a rest day for me (unless it’s a Race Day) so I did a 3 mile walk to shake out my legs and came home for breakfast. walking makes me hungrier than running for some reason and I came home with a growling stomach! (I think that’s because running confuses my body, but my belly can still think on a walk.)

I’m going to have to say I don’t like the new laughing Cow strawberry crème cheese wedges. I scraped this off after a few bites and put PB over it. (I’ve heard the cinnamon flavor is really good though.)

Then, Ben and I went to church. We’re still feeling it out, but so far so good.

Church went until 12:30p so by time we got home I was more than ready for lunch. I busted into the remarkable garlic dip we got from the Farmer’s Market right away. This stuff is AMAZING. I got 2 containers!

Want to make it? here are the ingreidents…

I paired my dip with a big salad and the rest of the roll I was using for a dipping vehicle.

And an apple for dessert on the side.

I am going to shoot a webisode for Subaru’s first automobile series on Tuesday! The producers asked if I had any pictures of my first automobile so I went searching through tons of old photos last night at my mom’s. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any but I did find a lot of funny / embarrassing / nostalgic pics from my past. (Which you will get to see periodically!)

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day here’s a picture of Blarney Castle I took when I went to Ireland in college.

And one of the Cliff’s of Mohr.

I went to Ireland, London and Paris during college with my ex-boyfriend. Unfortunately, most of the pics have him in them and that’s weird… (for him, because now I have this creepy blog that brings up old ish that should be left in the past.)

I’m off to a  meeting for a wellness hike I’m leading tomorrow! Ne vedem mai tarziu

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